Loser of the Week
July 8, 2016

I am a 25 year old loser who is unemployed, lives with my mommy in the projects, can't pass my GED no matter how many times I try, and am a sex addict. I can't get women so I go for the closest alternative which are post op or pre op trannies. For some reason thats all I attract. I don't attract females. I am actually about to meet up with one tonight. She sounds  very much like a female and i am so perverted that i want to fuck her up the ass and pound her out even though its not really a woman. that's how low I will stoop. I am not gay at all and this person really does look like a girl. But its just funny how I would fuck anything that looks sounds and acts like a female. Any ways I am addicted to sex and put most of my effort tryng to find sex instead of doing anything else. I also keep denying my faith. I was a christian and when I follow Jesus Christ my life changes and I get many things done and my life turns around for the best. But I am addicted to sex and when I get extreme horny feelings I cave and go down the destructive path again. I do this all the time. I deny my faith because I cannot control my sick addiction. It's sad because living as a Christian changes my life for the better. But yeah I need to fuck. Even if its trannies its close enough. Im a loser. Have a good day.

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June 18, 2014

Title explains it all. I have no education. System errors always happen when i try to take my GED test. Now the new GED test came out 2014 its called the TASC and It is 50x harder and I keep failing it.  I get no pussy because I guess I'm to weird or not attractive enough. I am jobless because I cannot work a minimum wage job. If I do I start bugging out and getting reall fucking pissed off and start hating my life even more. I'm stuck in a fucked up system humanity has made for us. Modern Day Slavery. I am fucked.

I am waiting for society to collapse already so everyone can lose their fucking status and everyone will be considered a "loser" because no one will have anything but this beautiful planet that treats life as equals. It's only humans, ppl that consider who is a loser or not. Our race is beyond fucked up and dangerous. DO you think the Earth classifies you as a loser? Nope. Do animals classify you as a loser? Nope. Only Humans.  I cannot wait until Society collapses.

I am a misanthropist and a misogynist. Ppl think I am a loser so I hate them because just because I can't make it in this kind of system, that means I am a loser. I accept it though. I am a loser. I get no pussy, i have no education and I make no money. Please give me the medal for biggest loser or loser of the week. At least I could win something. The only thing I can acomplish since I never graduated or accomplished anything.

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  1. loserguy loserguy said: Also, I know why I get no pussy, because I live with my mom and have no money lmao No girl wants that. Not even fat and ugly women. Well, I appreciate the motivation and I have no choice but to keep struggling until i find what works for me.
  2. loserguy loserguy said: real struggles.
  3. loserguy loserguy said: It's getting harder and harder these days for everyone, especially for the ppl in my situation and you think it is that east just to get your shit together and work with it. Smartin up, do it. Nope not that simple. you obviously know nothing about the
  4. loserguy loserguy said: Now if you can't see that, then you are blind and ignorant. This Planet was given to us for free yet we destroy it for money profits and imprison our own kind in a system that was rigged from the start.
  5. loserguy loserguy said: Hi Changeordie. First off, no I never thought or think that I am to good for a minimum wage job. I hate them because I work my fingers to the bone for nothing. I hate the human race because it has made a system to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.
  6. changeordie changeordie said: i suggest a pen and a notebook. go somewhere far where you feel a little bit of escape, and start writing your thoughts down. important thoughts not rambling, then try and put the pieces together to mend your broken mind.
  7. changeordie changeordie said: also, stop blaming the human race for your inability to get your shit together. wake up and stop being a victim. sorry to say, but in this cold world you have to make shit happen, nobody is going to breast feed you. get it together man.
  8. changeordie changeordie said: you have no self esteem yet that has contributed to a form of arrogance has it not? you resent low wage jobs as if you are too good for them. everything that is wrong in your life is in your head. its not the world its you. seek counseling.
  9. changeordie changeordie said: you are angry and resentful towards the world for not handing you everything you want on a silver platter. but you are not the only person who is like this. i have a friend like you, 25 lives at home no job hates the "system"