I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

I am a 25 year old loser who is unemployed, lives with my mommy in the projects, can't pass my GED no matter how many times I try, and am a sex addict. I can't get women so I go for the closest alternative which are post op or pre op trannies. For some reason thats all I attract. I don't attract females. I am actually about to meet up with one tonight. She soundsĀ  very much like a female and i am so perverted that i want to fuck her up the ass and pound her out even though its not really a woman. that's how low I will stoop. I am not gay at all and this person really does look like a girl. But its just funny how I would fuck anything that looks sounds and acts like a female. Any ways I am addicted to sex and put most of my effort tryng to find sex instead of doing anything else. I also keep denying my faith. I was a christian and when I follow Jesus Christ my life changes and I get many things done and my life turns around for the best. But I am addicted to sex and when I get extreme horny feelings I cave and go down the destructive path again. I do this all the time. I deny my faith because I cannot control my sick addiction. It's sad because living as a Christian changes my life for the better. But yeah I need to fuck. Even if its trannies its close enough. Im a loser. Have a good day.

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