Loser of the Week
October 22, 2013

Well... I am now 25 woman... Very short... Very Fat... After graduation I wasted a year waiting... Then I worked for one and half year in a job which I very much detest... Then I skipped to another job which I started to hate with passion... I am in this job for over 2 years... And I totally hate it... I want to quit this job... As I cannot stand it one more second... And test new waters... But my parents and friends think it as a very bad idea and advise me to continue with the same job... But I hate it... So now when alll my friends are almost settled... I dont even know what I should do and have no work satisfaction... As I said that I am short and ugly... hence no guy ever showed any sought of interest in me... And my current job pays me not enough... My parents think me as a quitter and do not trust me with my decisions... I cannot bear their criticism... Hence I stopped discussing these issues with them... I could talk to my sister... But now even she wants me to continue with that monotonous job... My friends though they donot say it aloud also think I am a job shifter... But what can I do if I donot like that job... My life literally sucks... I could not take decisions in my own life... I am afraid of my parents approval... which I am sure will never get... I am not satisfied with my educational qualification... But I will turn 26 next April... So there is scope to try and persue further education of my choice... As mostly I will be forced into an arranged marriage by the end of next year... Wow... I am such a Loser! Can anything good happen at all! 

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  1. DaVinci DaVinci said: Be who you want to be, not whom others want to see. Keep working on the job you have now while searching for a new job. Once you find a new job, you can stop working for the current job. It is normal to look for new job every 2-3 years.
  2. DrugsWontHelp DrugsWontHelp said: You must be Indian or something. Arranged marriage? Maybe you will like it, it beats being alone your whole life, and frankly you sound like you need some independence and stability. Do what makes you happy, don't live someone else's life though.
  3. losersparky losersparky said: I got some bad news for you, I'm 38 years old and my parents still don't trust me and question my every decision. It will never end!
  4. Loserette Loserette thinks you're a loser