July 26, 2015

Since a child of 6 yrs old I used to daydream a lot of being dead and having sad classical music played at my funeral. The first person I loved was my father and he left me for another family at age 7. I was molested at age 7 by a "friend" and by my stepdad since age 10...my parents have always  been overproctective, at school I never had real friends, before i would move to another place, always ate my lunch in the restroom stall to avoid being looked at as the weirdo, I have been made fun of bc of my looks, grew up to be a cute girl now women yet every guy I have spoken to never takes me seriously the act like they like me then they all end up leaving me for a uglier girl, As if I was just their side girl or plan B ....my mom always reminds me how im not as smart as other people how im so weak stupid and a idiot, many times i tell myself whats the point of life. Im always trying to prove everyone that im worth it, but i always feel like a loser in the way ppl treat me. I try not to go out in public bc Im afraid to be put down, laugh at and I honestly dont feel like I belong anywhere. My favorite times are my time alone in my room looking at movies or pictures daydreaming living another life the way I wish it was, live in the pictures, videos or movies. I honestly think love wasnt meant for me. Im almost 30 and I have been used and sexually abuse and thats the only kind of love I know, I dont believe in true love...maybe it was made for the lucky, like the ppl that got it all together, I have a ok face and body..no career no friends no car no home of my own Im just a 27 yr old creep living with my parents hoping one day I will be happy if that exists or just die soon. Thanks for reading some of my deep secrets.

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  2. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: at least you got somebody that cares about you, shelters you and probably will be there for you if something happens, parents always push us to be better, I hope you "live a long and prosper life" wish you the best
  3. looseintime4eve looseintime4eve said: hello...hang in there...I guess life is rough sometimes, let me know if I can help :( sellersjoe001@gmail
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  6. LexLoser LexLoser said: I'm 28 year old loser living at home hoping one day things will get better. I have no friends, girlfriend, car or career. So we have plenty in common . If youd like a friend to talk to them feel free to hit me up at kamza435@Gmail.com