Loser of the Week
August 22, 2014

The word "loser" has a sour taste in my mouth. It makes me angry and my blood boil. I don't want to be helpless, insecure, timid, stupid, lazy, etc etc. They all mean the same thing; loser. And loser isn't something I want to be. Everytime I think about falling back into my loser ways, I give myself some tough loving. And its been working. 

  1. SatansBae SatansBae said: Amen x
  2. Neurotic Neurotic thinks you're a loser

July 19, 2014

Ive been doing really well. Last night wasnt the best of nights but Im still alive and breathing so, I feel good. :) 

July 16, 2014

I have this unexplainable self sabotaging behavior that ive become accustomed to. Tuesday was a good day, until the end of it when my parents knocked me off the schedule I had laid out for myself. I was so close too, I was on my knees about to say my prayers, about to jump in my bed and end my day victoriously. They came rushing in saying they needed help with something, I told them I was sleepy and every exvuse i could think of but they insisted. I helped them, and then stayed up till 9 am doing absoluetly nothing on the internet and watched dumb sitcoms on tv, self loathingly, "i shouldve fit more time into my schedule for incedentals.. i shouldnt have been so stupid to give up.. what is wrong with me.. why am i such a loser.. i need a fcking therspist, im too poor and lazy to afford a therapist" the thoughts just rambled on and on until i coma'd out on the sofa.


I plan to be productive again next week.. as for now, whatever.

  1. loserdock loserdock said: Ha-ha! This is interesting. It's always fun to meet someone who thinks like I do, makes me feel less fucked up.

July 11, 2014

All the motivation in the world can't move me.

  1. TotalLoser TotalLoser said: I know exactly how you feel.
  2. theycallmeT theycallmeT said: Hope you can find something in life that makes you feel good a purposeful :) You have time to find it and others in the world on the same journey ! Get er done!!!

July 10, 2014

Hip hip horray, I'm doing something productive for once. Applying for jobs. I started filling out the applications. I decided I should get a job so I can save up to feed the homeless. I would most likely spend it on something petty anyway, so this is good. And honestly I find no real value in my life. But can be of good use or just be a helping hand, put a smile on someone elses face. Funny cause I have like -10 social skills, but strangely that doesnt even bother right now.

  1. theycallmeT theycallmeT said: I think you feel that way (good) because you are stepping it up!