Loser of the Week
October 12, 2010

Don't ask me how, but I actually managed to convince a seriously hot girl at a bar to go on a date with me. Amazing body and dripping with sexuality.  I was so beside myself, I could've legally driven in the carpool lane.  We met for dinner, said woman and I, and although the conversation was pretty easy and pleasant, I was sure she would beg off after the meal was over (and I gave her an out), but she said she wanted to keep it going - and keep drinking.  Score! So do you think I paced myself and controlled how drunk I got?  No, that's what winners do.  Sure, I managed to start making out with her at the bar, our hands all over each other, to the point where we were asked to leave... but at this juncture, a winner would get her home and out of her clothes.  Not me.  The next thing I remember after exiting the bar was somehow being in her car... and then puking all over myself and her ride.  

CUT TO: She leaves me on the street, in a blackout, caked in my own vomit, and peals off.  And she politely declines date request #2.   We're still friends on facebook, but I'm fairly sure she has me hidden.

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