I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

Some of the posters on this site are losers because they were destined to have a shitty life and that's all there is to it. I was destined for greatness but I have ended up a big loser. I let jealous family members, parasitic friends, and other detractors convince me I wasn't good enough. I don't blame them though, because they were and always have been losers by nature. They can't help themselves. Most people are essentially a species of mutated barbarian that have, over the centuries, merely developed more sophisticated, devious ways of being barbaric. Nevertheless, I blame myself for letting them abuse me and take me for granted. In a perverted way, that makes me an even bigger loser than someone who never stood a chance. 

It's so pathetic. 

P.S. You fucking losers have a way of bringing people around you down to your level. Fuck you. 

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  1. THEHARU THEHARU said: Do what you think right.Follow the words who you have faith.Pls read from the down,from" Don't say lt......................................" to here
  2. THEHARU THEHARU said: I am saying this in terms of my experience, may be your talent is some other.You don't know the value of your talent when you have it .so I request you to don't let your all talent go.i don't know English very much,but I hope you understand this
  3. THEHARU THEHARU said: When I was disappointed I decided to let all my talent go like you wrote.Now in my new school I had low grades then i tried to study.You know how hard it is ,I have to study from the first.In 1 and half year I lost the touch.
  4. THEHARU THEHARU said: Don't say let all talent go to waste.Because it is easyto lose your talent but when try to regain you will see ho hard it is.I am saying from my experience .I had good handwriting and I was good student at class.
  5. manchild manchild thinks you're a loser