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August 11, 2015

I have Hyperkenetic Disorder and that alone says im a fucking loser of Epic Proportions

Maybe i should have been drowned at Birth

  1. HopelesslyWeird HopelesslyWeird said: Probably yes. But they didn't know you would turn out that way at birth. Blame it on your parents.

November 26, 2013

I have one friend. One friend who is even lazier than me.

I'm the kind of girl that could be one of the most popular girls in the school. But i'm way too lazy to actually give a shit about anything. So i'm a social outcast- i really dont care. I still do well at what i'm good at and enjoy and apart from that i'm a fucking failure. You should see my maths grades haha!

But i honestly dont care if i am classified as a loser. I enjoy being different and not being a superficial asshole so i just breeeeeze through my life......

  1. the_worst the_worst thinks you're a loser
  2. the_worst the_worst said: And that: I could if i wanted to... that is a first class bullshit, there is no such thing, either u do, or u not as simple is that.
  3. the_worst the_worst said: That's is not a laziness but bad mental state that force you do nothing and lowers your physical ability and interest of anything... u still young, still in school, do something or u will regret it, i'm telling u.