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April 12, 2015
Holy hell where do I begin?? Well I basically died after high school.. I only had one job n I didn't keep it where I tried to chat/make friends n talk to a few girls that worked there.. But NO they hated me.. I became a gross creep and nothing like other NORMAL guys my age.. It's so fuckin miserable, I never had a real GF and now I have to pay hundreds of dollars to Hookers/Escorts just to fucking get laid!! And to make it worse I left the job so my life savings (I'm 22) is being wasted on Asian hookers who don't give a fuck about me.. Because I'm lonely and alone so I keep going back to the Asian Girl hookers.. I am stuck in a fucking nightmare ,. I watch porn and envy the guys who fuck hot girls both at home and on set.. And they get PAID to do it, while I sit and scrape the skin off my fucking Dick from jerking off a million times, it sucks..I'm missing out on so much.. And now I'm spending all my saves up money (Almost 20,000$) I also went bald and I had a hair transplant surgery I got ripped off by this A Hole n only made me look worse!! WHAT a Fucking Viscious NIGHTMARE.. top it all off, My cat had cancer and died...she was a great cat and she was so nice to me..and I miss her alot,,, also I liked this Asian slut I met and I think.she really geninuly liked me of course just as we get to know each other a few days later the cops bust the place and it shuts down..and now i will NEVER see her again.. : (..just my luck the girl i wanted to meet is ejected from my cursed life just like my cat dying...I take a job exam and the final shit storm came when I was disqualified