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May 14, 2015

I'm graduating school next week but im such a loser I have no one to go out with,no one to ever be there for me. My own family dont wanna be there. Such a loser that everyones studying for finals and im on laxatives trying to loose weight.

August 7, 2014

Everything started out ok. Not perfect, but ok. My father left shortly after my birth. We were poor. VERY poor, by U.S.A standards. But I was very pretty, and had a good mother and great loving grandparents.

Then sh!t got real.

I can't for the life of me figure out why, but starting in 8th grade, I began to be hated and bullied by my peers. I'd always been bullied off and on by ugly girls, but that year was different. Everyone hated me. I have always had a pretty healthy self esteem, not conceited, but not down on myself. I believe that is because of the love and support I got from my mom & grandparents, but a life of being beat down has shaken me. I found that I am roundly disliked, I cannot figure out why. I've asked the few friends I have made, they say they can't figure it out either. School got so bad that I eventually quit, on the advice of my principle & my mother too.

The years went by, & here I am, a middle aged woman. Fragile health, so I cannot work or drive, no man after 2 failed marriages, the second worse than the first,... and that's saying something. Hardly any friends & the few I have live far from me. You know I never was good at making friends, but it gets even harder the older you get, & not working but staying home because I'm sick all the time doesn't help. I don't have any social anxiety, I'm not shy. I'm a loyal friend,  have been told I'm very funny. So why am I so disliked? Why am I so alone? Why were all the men in my life horrible nightmares?

Disability is a pittance. I live on $700. a month. Imagine that.

My once good looks are long gone. I'm old and fat now, and look as sick and disabled as I am. I live alone, suffer major depression that frightens me at times. They say everyone has their ups & downs, but I seem to only have downs. As bad as the present is, the future looks worse. I have nothing to look forward to but getting older and sicker, living in poverty, then dying alone.

It's not worth getting up in the morning.

  1. weaknoob weaknoob said: Youre a good person so atleast you have good karma and will go to heaven. Im an idiot who wasted my life

Loser of the Week
January 25, 2014

I am 27 yr old man ..unemployed source of income...wherever i put my hands in becomes sand ..I dont have any special quality on which i could start anything on my own pissed of with my life right now ...I cannot hang out with my friends because all are earning good..working good..having good wives ...feel so embarrased ..i have lost lots of friends and girlfriends ..and here i am ..totally alone ..whenever i plan to do something ..couldnot able to execute it...because occurance of unusual circumstances happens everytime . 

Dont know how i will end up in life ...


  1. looserking looserking said: At least you had a girlfriend.
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