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May 17, 2018

Every since I graduated high school and started college, I started to feel lonely and sad more often. Despite the fact I always had lack of self-confidence in myself, I been having it more after high school. My conclusion has come to the fact that I am a loser, not any loser, a cowardly loser.


August 17, 2014

I had a lot of potential. People used to say im smart but lazy. I flunked out constantly at school. Cant do advance Maths.

Im 21 ,living at home, barely above 5 feet. I cant drive  and i even have trouble sleeping.

How pathetic is that. Even dogs sleep. I cant even to that. I have terrible acne scarring and worst of all. I could have made something of myself but im  a loser. I waste oxygen. Im at australia now and im still a loser. I give my people a bad name. I needed braces but refused them. I dont deserve stuff like that. Wish to have a guy in coma , transplant his brain to my body. At least he can live and be happy

  1. HarshisSatan HarshisSatan said: Please take my brain n gimme yours. I'll be happy. I have the worst brain in entire universe.