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November 23, 2015

everyone hates me and says im not so wise even tho i thnbk i am vry wise. and when i invite them out they alwaqys say there to busy and then i cri and cut myself but not really but i put tomato source on my arm nd pretend and no one cares bc im such a loser :,((( 

August 22, 2015

I'm a craptastic loser. A world class loser. I got nothing similar to an acceptable life. No job, no friends/girlfriends. No money, no car, no place to call home. Ugly, stupid, ignorant, idiot, disqualified, with a ridiculous behavior who stays at the parent's home 99% of the time just avoiding to talk to anyone, and I'm not a kid anymore. I hate pretty much everyone I ever met. I'm totally a misanthrope, But being alone doesn't hurt anymore as I accepted the fate I'm not even close to a normal person. I lost my dignity a long time ago, and since then life gone worse but I can't really feel it. I mean, I can see the shit is all around but I can't smell it - or - I don't care anymore. I know people laugh at my situation, but I laugh along... I'm an embrassment to my family for I don't act like I care about been throwing this life away. I gave up and now I just wait the day of my death. I should kill myself, I know, but I'm unable to do that too, of course: a major loser can never do such a favor to the world. Once I hate everyone/everything, there's no reason to worry about anything, so I've been drinking a lot at the weekends and I hope I'll end up really sick and eventually dead by cirrhosis or whatever, kind of a collateral suicide, as I can't do it the regular way.

"Every single day I'm still alive I've been cheating"

  1. Whatitdo Whatitdo said: Shit. I'm such a loser that I actually found your dignity and instead of keeping it for myself, i gave it back to you!!!!