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November 11, 2015

Ive been sitting here for 2 years wondering when life will come around for me. I fucking hate everything except the american dream. I want luxury things, i do. But im a piece of shit that doesnt do anything when will i get it. And why the fuck me? I have no friends, no GF lol who the fuck will wanna date a guy like me that doenst have anything going for himself at age 21. No job, no school, and no dream. Might as well donate my body to science put it to some good use. Im not a bad person at all I have the biggest heart in my whole family. I sit here hoping my time will come to find my dream, but I feel like I need approval for anything i wanna do. Not to be judged but why the fuck does it matter... at the end I will still be a piece of shit to people. Been used by my friends, family, by my own piece of shit dad. I am in debt. I have no idea how the fuck will i pay it off. Just got a parking ticket couple weeks ago because my shit ass didnt want to get up and move it becasue i was to tired and didnt care. Great paid 100 for that. Thanks wells Fargo for your credit card. More debt yay. Cant tell between when somethings good happening or it will become a disaster. Im skinny as fuck, no girl likes to date me they just leave because im skinny maybe, idk. I AM LITERALLY A MOVING SHIT. I SHOULD JUST MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT ME BEING LITERALY A MOVING SHIT. Now staring the life of a moving shit and how the day goes by for him.

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Loser of the Week
March 8, 2013

All my life is shit. I have chronic depression for about 10 years, with lots of mood swings. My self-esteem is below zero. Nobody ever takes me seriously. I often feel like coming across as to naive. I dont have any friends. I used to have one best friend but he ditched me like some whore. I am still virgin at 23. I dont know how behave around girls and they NEVER take me seriously, sometimes putting me into a "friends zone". I recently once again fell in love with one girl. I try to impress her however I can, yet i still feel that she will never look at me as more than a friend. And it annoys me to no end. Why anyone can't love me? I'm really descent guy, very romantic and could never be unfaithful to my lady. YET NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE! Girls prefer idiots who dont respect them and treat them like shit. I also should add that im VERY ugly, and not in charismatic way (think Danny Trejo), but just plain boring ugly. My voice is really fucked up, I sound like a total loser and retard even while I try to say something smart. My sense of humour is very off-beat, and one seems to get it. Im also in quite poor shape, even if I work out (i prefer word train) like obsessed. This is one of the few positives in my life. Training usually gives me some sense of purpose and just plain badass-esque feel. I especially like running hill sprints. They merge everything I like: sense of freedom, self-importance, constant improvement, never giving up etc. After the session of HS I (atleast temporaly) feel like badass, like NOT a loser. Unfortunetaly, all my training seems to be in vain since Im still quite fat, although it has more to do with poor eating habits and depressed state. I tried to avoid junk food yet often fall off the wagon. Im also becoming a kind of alcoholic. I drink everything: beer, wine, whisky, vodka etc. I always drink on my own because I dont have anyone with whom I could feel safe to drink. I also have attention deficit disorder, OCD, Im kinda paranoid and coward, and STALKER, oh shit if Im not one. When I fall in love with girl I constantly stalk her, trying to see her as often as possible, and usually to afraid to speak with her. The only exception is my recent love interest. I got a few surprising opportunities to talk with her PERSONALLY. It may well be main reason I felt for her. However then theres someone else around I become to shy and kinda lost. And opportunities to talk with her is kinda rare, and it very sad when she just go away leaving me brooding alone. Man life sucks. My family are bunch of hypocrites and commies, constantly preaching about their "values". I also have problems with identifying myself. I often identify with some (non)fictional characters and try to see myself like I am them (lol). I know its plain stupid, but I just cant help myself. I usually can only feel better then identifying with someone, otherwise i feel lost. Even bigger problem is that I cant make my mind with whom to identify. Im not sure if I want to be suave and sophisticated, or blunt and agressive. Some of my favorite idols: soccer player Eric Cantona, Marco Materazzi, Joe Barton, Frank Leboef; musicians Dug Pinnick, Henry Rollins, Danzig, Ty Tabor, Phil Collins (LOL Im actually look A LOT like him), american football players Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Herschel Walker (all famous hill sprinters); fitness gurus Matt Furey, Jason Ferruggia, anime heroes Kensei Muguruma, Chad Yasutora Sado, Ichigo Kurosaki (bleach); Roronoa Zoro and Sanji from One Piece; Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan from DBZ; most of Jagged Alliance 2 cast, Charles Gunn, Spike and Wesley from ANGEL the series; Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition); Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law and Steve Fox from Tekken; Shio Sakaki, Berserker, Odin and Hermit (Kenichi); and many, many more. Also my boss sucks, hes like the biggest asshole in the world. Well Im tired of writing. LOL. MY LIFE SUCKS!!!!

  1. Superloser Superloser said: Why would I lie to her? First you've got your genders crossed, he's a he. Second. You want to marry this person you've never met on a chat for losers all on vague words. You sir, are a loser... and also oblivious to that it's a guy. But i forgives you :P
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  3. WeeZappa WeeZappa said: SUperloser - what I should lie to her? I really like her and want to marry her.
  4. WeeZappa WeeZappa said: arashk - You're actually right! I thought about suicide so many times yet always back down because Im afraid. If only I knew there''s something better out there I would instantly drink a bottle of sleep pills and vodka :D
  5. arashk arashk said: why dont u kill yourself and release from this misrable life? do u scared? have no balls to even drink a poisen feel nothing ...and the u r free... but u r nothing but a coward....
  6. Superloser Superloser said: Girls like winners. A winner is a guy that tells a girl what she wants to hear. Start lying to her to get her attention. Girls will take anyone so stop pretending you're special. Honesty goes nowhere because "girls" want a fantasy. Humans suck, loser :)

November 11, 2012
Lets see, left my wife over 2 years, ago for another woman, this other woman cheated on me. During this same time my ex was basically cut off visitation with my kids. I tried to kill myself, and I fuck that up. Now I still here with out seeing my kids, I live I a one room place. Lawyer fuck things up. Yeah I'm a live. By the way I have no friends at all. Life sucks.

  1. suicide_me suicide_me said: after awhile try to call her or even send messages or send someone, apologize to her, trust me it is not a bad thing at all, tell her that u respect her and just want to see ur kids it is ur rights she loved u before so she gnna forgive u
  2. suicide_me suicide_me said: Life sucks, that's totally right, but do u see suicide is the solutions ? think abt ur kids when they become mature, Do u like that they know u killed ur self because just an idiot moment ? try to make the situations up, wait till ur ex forget her anger