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November 23, 2015

everyone hates me and says im not so wise even tho i thnbk i am vry wise. and when i invite them out they alwaqys say there to busy and then i cri and cut myself but not really but i put tomato source on my arm nd pretend and no one cares bc im such a loser :,((( 

May 4, 2015

I Have Nothing Going For Me

Hello, I'm a 20 year old female with no future. Just to summarize, I have been dropped from 2 colleges. One being a community college and the other a technical school. All you need to do to get into those schools is to graduate high school. That's how easy they are and I couldn't even keep my pathetic self together to complete those. I have no job and I still live with my mother and grandmother who both think I'm a failure anyways. I used to get straight As, but now I can't even get myself to show up to class. I don't know what interests me. I don't think anything does. I also don't know how to drive and don't have a license so I have to walk everywhere or get my mother to drive me. I'm so useless. I do have a boyfriend, but I'm so fat and ugly, I don't think I've ever NOT seen him check out any woman that walks his way. I can't make any man love me for me instead of spreading my legs to them. I don't really know what love is or how to act. I sit in my room and sleep about 16 hours a day and just stare at the wall or watch t.v. the other 8 hours. I have no friends because they all go out drinking or partying and I have no money or a car and they think I am boring so I obviously get left behind. When asking anyone to help me or just listen to me they just sit there, listen, nod, and change the subject. Maybe I just complain too much. I am a pitiful loser after all. When asking my mother if there is any chance I might have bipolar disorder or depression she replies with "no, you just complain a lot. get a hobby" I think she is right. Here, at home, I am not really aloud to leave. I am, but I will be ignored an "forgotten" if I do so. I am to be home every night to have the kitchen, dining room, and my room cleaned. I must also have dishes for 6 people washed all night and the fridge emptied every night. I do as I am told because it's the only time I get any compliments from them... if I am lucky. Cleaning for them is all I am good at.

  1. loserguy loserguy said: But my music is to real for the public I barely get views and also for some reason, women get intimidated or lose interest right away. Idk what it is. I guess I am to real. I don't play games. Women love games. Oh well hey I have myself. Im my best friend
  2. loserguy loserguy said: Hey at least your fat. I am a good looking guy. Fit, sexy body and very fun and funny but I still don't have a gf and get no pussy. I also don't ebven have a highschool diploma. I fail constantly. I'm also an amazing producer great musician
  3. LexLoser LexLoser said: I don't know about you but I could definitely do with someone to talk to. If youre interested hit me up.

September 7, 2014

I am a loser, I am 31 years old and I am still living in a fantasy that I will be someday partying with girls.

Since the days of high school, I was always in isolation. I always dreamed of a girlfriend, but never got one. I spent years in isolation;  I dropped out of high school due to my severe Social Anxiety Disorder. I started going to raves, to find escape. I took various drugs, but only watched other people be with girls. I am a big fan of electronic music, but I am also a person who feels lonely at raves - the person that  sees everyone enjoying themselves, wishing he could be social like them, and to be able to pick up girls like his peers... only to be left alone and trauamatized every time, thinking of what a loser I am, while on LSD. I moved to Arizona in 2007 for a couple years, and had one girlfriend there, but she died. I moved back to California, and starting going  to nightclubs all the time - girls just looked down on me with utter disrespect. I eventually got hyperacusis, which I am still suffering from, and now have to wear ear plugs and  ear muffs all the time. I got in trouble a couple times, once for following a girl on UCLA campus - i went to jail overnight. I was arrested for "felony kidnapping" and my photo made the UCLA newspaper.  Some time later,  I was trying to talk to a cute girl that lived in my building. She would never  really talk to me, and eventually filed a restraining order. I went to court but she lost the case, because I wrote back to the judge saying I was just trying to talk to her because I liked her, and was not stalking her. I kind of feel like a loser, now that I am 31, and watched all my peers have fun and get hot girls, while I watch myself deteriate mentally. I have been told that nice guys don't make it and only tough guys get the girls; well I am not a tough guy physically,  but I do have something to hold on to - my pride as a Computer Nerd; and that is what I show off, since there is nothing else that holds me in shape. These people can look me in the eye and say all kinds of mean things about me, but I can look them in the eye with the look - "I had fun taking over government and military computers, and you did not."

August 17, 2014

I had a lot of potential. People used to say im smart but lazy. I flunked out constantly at school. Cant do advance Maths.

Im 21 ,living at home, barely above 5 feet. I cant drive  and i even have trouble sleeping.

How pathetic is that. Even dogs sleep. I cant even to that. I have terrible acne scarring and worst of all. I could have made something of myself but im  a loser. I waste oxygen. Im at australia now and im still a loser. I give my people a bad name. I needed braces but refused them. I dont deserve stuff like that. Wish to have a guy in coma , transplant his brain to my body. At least he can live and be happy

  1. HarshisSatan HarshisSatan said: Please take my brain n gimme yours. I'll be happy. I have the worst brain in entire universe.

July 20, 2014

Ever since I was a kid I've had low self-esteem and never really, REALLY felt comfortable with people. I've only gotten worse with age, partly because I'm smarter now, meaning I'm more critical. The problem is I'm very critical of myself. Sometimes I feel like people can't even tell that I feel worthless and unworthy inside, but I still can't just be cool yo. It feels as though people can tell what I'm thinking from just observing my body language, because I myself am quite good at judging people based on their body lingo. So everytime I do anything, I feel like people know what I'm thinking, and it makes me act even more weird.


I also fantasize almost all the time, even when I'm with actual people. None of my interactions with my peers is ever fulfilling, so I just start fantasizing. I feel like I'm missing something that normal people have, and until I get it, I feell like I'll never be able to be at home in my own skin. I wanna say more stuff and just vent, but it's so hard to articulate what I feel sometimes so fuck it.