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November 20, 2014

-Pay Attention-

I've been a loser. For many years, for so long.

I'm 25

Even though i laughed a lot in my youth, even though i had people to respect and to feel respected from, but never knew who i was for real until i woke up from "easy life", and when i mean easy life is that life-style where you don't give a fuck about anything or anyone, included myself.

I was fat, i didn't respect myself, i started smoking when i was 13, got drunk almost every weekend during my teen years,i was bullied at school (But i always fought back) i got hardly beaten up when i was 19 during a night out, came back home but dont remember how i did...i don't remember who picked a fight with me...or if they knew me...i just woke up at hospital with my brother and dad next to me, they were surprised i didn't remember anything because they said just 1 hour before i was talking to them...feels like my mind just forgot everything to let the pain go away...

People cheated on me, People laughed at me, People treated me like shit, People USED me for their purpose... I made lots of mistakes, Said lot of wrong things...


But trust me..."A boxer gets hit many times until he learns how to fight properly"



The harder life hits you, the stronger you become, and this is for real.

The only way to achieve turning that pain you suffer into "wisdom muscle" is not to feel pity, shame or stuff everytime you fall down, if you fall down is because once you've been standing up, and as soon as you're standing up in the ring again...

Pain doesn't make you a loser, failure doesn't make you a loser, being bullied doesn't make you a loser.

Soldiers feel pain, fail and get hit...and they're still soldiers...warriors.

Without rainy days, sunny days wouldn't be that nice.

Nothing last forever....Trust me

Don't ask me how, because i don't know what did i do or how did i do it...but the truth is today im not a loser anymore.

A loser is not a tag other people set on you...a loser is a feeling,and a feeling becomes and attitude so it's YOU who make yourself a loser. You can control what you you do with the words you use to speak. Huh?

Points i want you to know:

Rule #1 Once you respect yourself, everyone will respect you. AND THIS IS FUCKING TRUE.

(Actually this is what i'm experiencing now, everyone respects me)

Rule #2 Watch what you think. Turn that shit into positive, give up thoughts like:

"Oh shit, i'm a loser" "I don't deserve it" "I will not make it" and shit

Start using.

*"I'm the fucking boss in here, i've been thru all that pain and i may be stronger than many out there"

*"I really deserve it, Because i've fought so hard till now, because i managed to keep my self up until now"

*"I'm a soldier, and there's still battle to be fought, but it doesn't matter how deep i fall, it's my heart and my will who's gonna take me outta this hole"

Just think about what kind of thoughts a positive person has on mind.

Rule #3 Search for your dreams...what do you wanna become? Where do you wanna live? What do you wanna do in life? How do you wanna feel in the future?? DREEEEAMMMMMM!!!

Who said imagining was a waste of time????

Imagining gets you closer to your dreams, once you imagine something it's your choice to make it come true or not (please do not imagine yourself being spiderman or something like that, be realistic, thanks)

Rule #4 Healthy Body, Smart Soul

Train, it doesnt matter you don't feel like you will achieve to get fit or shit.

Just train, 1h a day, it'll make you become the wild animal you deserve to be.

Most feared animals are strong, intelligent and fast.


Rule #5 True people got respect for others.

Going around messing up with people doesnt make you feel better but an asshole.

You don't earn respect bullying, you earn respect achieving goals that in one hand will make you feel self-confident and in other hand will make you grow up as a person..."HUSTLE HARD!"

But remember...Golden RULE...If anyone fucks with you, make them pay for it, show how sure you are about your goals, about your ethic, moral. Dont exceed with the "payback". Just payback the own coin, if it doesnt work, go hard on 'em.

Once upon a time... I was a loser, and i'm not anymore.