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November 23, 2015

everyone hates me and says im not so wise even tho i thnbk i am vry wise. and when i invite them out they alwaqys say there to busy and then i cri and cut myself but not really but i put tomato source on my arm nd pretend and no one cares bc im such a loser :,((( 

May 25, 2014
I am depressed. I have been for a few years now. Recently I haven't been able to breathe correctly anymore. It's as though I can't get enough air into my lungs. I blame this on the anxiety I have because of my depression. I know I need to see a counselor but I don't want my mother to know( I live with her ). I don't like to do anything. I hate school and my job. I am starting to hate my men to the point that I fear them. I have so much anxiety around men because I know the damage they can inflict upon my gender. I hate men. But I don't. I just don't trust them. I have never had an orgasm during sex. Though I've only had sex with one person, so it makes sense. I was a virgin til I was 19. Isn't that so old? I have figured out that what I want in a relationship isn't okay anymore. Not in this century. Heck not even towards the end of the last century. And it depresses me because I don't think I will be happy without it. Apparently I'm really fucked up. I am pretty so I've never had to work at anything. I have bad grades and bad work ethic. I constantly think a about death. And yet I want to live still. I have low self esteem so sorry about these random thought that I think about all the time. :/

  1. rl1111 rl1111 said: I feel the same I think about death an shit to all the time an I am totally alone

November 5, 2013

Hello losers,

i am a loser bcos i just feel nothing when it comes to little things in life. Completely irresponsible, lazy, damn lazy i must say, never wants to work nor wants to take responsibility. yup that is me. i turned 23 just a few days back, was unemployed for like 5 months after graduation. I finally have a job, will join next week onwards. Don't know how much will I be able to work there being lazy and irresponsible. Whenever someone tried to give me some work I always thought "why me? Give someone else your shitty job!" But at the same time when ppl make me realize about how lazy and irresponsible i am, i feel really bad. Sometimes i feel i should just leave everything and go somewhere  away from all this. yeah sounds depressing, cos i dont have that much money for myself. Been living on my parent's money all these years, even now after the job i don't think i would be able to live on my own salary. 

Never been in a relationship, no gf ever. very few friends of the opposite sex. really shy when it comes to talking to ppl and not females but also males. Yeah i don't know why i am this shy. Never had any big achievements during my school or college life. Always liked to stay indoors, play games, surf internet. Now when ppl tell me go out and enjoy, i just don't feel like going out! 

All i have to hear everyday is parents' and friends' comments about what am i doing with my life? how will i live when they're gone and all other bull. Its all just so depressing and sad at the same time. I can go on and on with this nonsense but it won't change the fact that I AM A BIG LOSER!


  1. tertoen tertoen said: The way i see it, you are not a loser, you have a self image problem. Yes, you are lacking self esteem. Read some books on self esteem. You have a job, and your parents love you. Pay back their love by working hard. I wish you good luck.

July 3, 2013
I'm the biggest idiot in the world ! i failed on the most important exam of my life for the seconde time :(
'Baccalaureate'' and i dont know what to do now !
i don't understand why i failde cauz i really work hard ! and all my friends told me you gonna have it cause you know all the answers !!!

and what make me sad, its too see somme people are happy cauz i failed
i really work hard ! cauz i just went to make my family proude of me ! and now i think : me and the Zéro we are the same ! im nothin !!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for my english

  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: Its ok, I forgive you for being a loser.