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June 25, 2014

I'm a kinda good looking teenager guy. But also a loser. 3 years back I had been the topper of my school, lots of friends, happiness, respect. But idk for some reason I stopped studying. From there it was only hell. My parents spent a fortune on my coaching, leaving else everything out. They don't even have smartphone. I was kicked out my school due to low marks, new school fail almost every exam, get bullied everyday, have sick rumors spread about me, all my future dreams and hope shattered. My dad loveless me a lot and works hard, but at the same time has'anger' attacks. My mom stays stressed and often starts crying. I'm handsome but both my dream girls rejected me, cuz I ignored them out of fear they'll find out what a loser I am. Tomorrow my parents are taking me out to a counsellor. My IQ is good, since I also topped the IQ test, but still te worst student due to my stubbornness to not study. My parents left a life of dignity and respect.