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December 1, 2015

im 16 years old and i go to a school called boone grove high school, ive never been happy ever sence i was 9. im so fat and ugly i never got a girlfriend not ever my first kiss, so i guess thats a sign that i will be alone for ever. im so loney i got one friend, if i havent had him as a friend i would of killed myself. he is the only who helps me in this shit. i have a loving family i know that, i just dont want to talk to them about it, they will just flip shit and get pissed saying "stop that your better then this" im sure not. they say your smarter then this but they dont know thay, i get so fucking pissed when people say that like yeah im smart are you in my body do you EVERYTHING about me? no. so lets talk about me school... my school is indiana i dont care if i tell this. my school is all about sex,drugs,weed,beer all that stuff, i know high school that stuff happends i know that its just thats the only thing people talk about. its so fucking annoying i hear it everyday. well thats all i can think of, of my shitty life.. for now... -J

November 23, 2015

Im very careless....i hate it.I lost my office key and I lost my thumb drive that have all my report to submitt this Friday.


If i lost my am i going to feed my children.I'm getting paranoid every each day.

I owe bank alot of money...and my saving can last me 3 month.

Why i am like this......


Why i so careless

May 1, 2015


I am a 20 year old female college freshmen stuck in a seemingly infinite loop. I am not good at anything and I could forgive myself if I were at least attractive. The only reason I am in college is because I want my family to not think I suck. Well, I do. I am failing miserably in my classes because I am lazy, and have no interest in anything. College, to me, is a futile attempt at justifying my meaningless existence  Sometimes I feel as though my life is a sick joke. I realize  that there are forget people worse off than me, but I'm too busy being selfish and living in a constant state of self pity. My family try to avoid conversation with me to avoid having to listen to my negative thoughts. So, I have nobody to talk to except my self. Starting in middle school, I have been in and out of therapy but to no avail. Medication didn't help either. It seems that I am stuck. They The only thing that appeases me is sitting in my room, playing the Sims 3 for hours on end. I am the epitome of a loser; I don't know what else to do. The only reason I haven't killed myself is due to a fear of hell. No social skills whatsoever. I don't have any friends left which sucks because once I flunk out of college, I'll be stuck at home knowing I am a complete and utter disappointment and waste of space. I've given up on the pursuit of love and accept that the only way I will be intamate with anyone is literally, in my dreams. I don't need to breed anyway. 

  1. LexLoser LexLoser said: Life is tough when you have no one to talk to. My email is if you need someone to listen.

January 22, 2015

I belong to a poor family my father had to work very hard to get me into college.He had very high hopes for me and I wasnt a stupid kid either , but i am ugly as hell, girls are easy around me they always think of me as someone who could never make a move and one or two times when I have tried i ended up being shot down or even worse ignored. With my growing age and every girl arround me being unavailable I am bound to end up alone , cming back to my education , I managed to get into a reputated college but it was never for me all I wanted to do was to make my father happy , but after completeing my degree I have realised that even people who were stupid in class are living a better life than me. They have looks , they have girls they have parental money and establishments which took them far ahead . Overall I am not only jealous but also feel sorry for my parents who had hopes in me that some day i would change mine and their lives. Now I am so ashamed of myself that I dont even want to talk to my parents anymore .There isn`t a day that goes by without me thinking of a suicide, but its the thought of my dad amd mom crying over my dead body that forces me to carry this burden called life. I had no priveleges as a child ,in college i never had money to buy proper cloths or too spend money  on myself so that i could atleast look normal, worse i was starving towards the end . But I never complained I always thought that things might change.But this has become my fate I dont look good, my college education doesnt really matters, I am 23 and never have even touched a girl or i should say I am a woman repeller. I just look at the sky everyday and pray that a long heavy steak to fall from above onto my chest and liberate me of my misery.

November 22, 2014

But wait, there's more!

I'm a total loser cuz I've been a loser my whole fucking life.

In grade 5 I gave up on good grades. Grade 5! That's not an age to be making any decision but I did!

In grade 10 I gave up on going to school, resulting in me being kicked out of my catholic all-girls shithole in my graduating year. I then had to go to an alternative school, which I also skipped 90% of the time. Just cuz anxiety. This resulted in me taking online classes to get my diploma.

But wait!

I'm not even sure if I got my diploma! Because I'm too anxious to call the school board and have them send it to me! And if I don't have my diploma, I'm only one credit away. So close! But too far away for me cuz I make no attempt. I'm literally one foot away from the finish line but it's too much work. Just call me Mrs. TotalShitheadLoser von AnxietyandDepression.

But wait!

I was stupid enough as a preteen to think the only thing that mattered was boys and sex. Guess what was the only thing I cared about as a teenager? YEP!

At 17 I got my first boyfriend (whose still my boyfriend), lost my virginity, and at the same time I got into weed and other drugs, but those only recreationally.

Wow! Sounds like I'm a partier. At least I'm not a total loser-


I barely leave the house. Just cuz anxiety and depression.

I want to get help for my anxiety and depression, but I'm too nervous to talk to anyone cuz of anxiety and depression.

Since I was 17 all I have done is fuck my boyfriend and smoke a whole shitload of weed. No job. No school. I did some travelling and some chilling with friends but nothing of significance and nothing I personally worked towards.


I want to die.

At this point I have lost all hope for myself. Because even though I DO want to work for things, and even though I DO think I can accomplish things, I just don't.

Why? I dunno. Anxiety and low self esteem plays a HUUUUUUUUUGE role, but I've been like this before I was aware anxiety and depression existed so I've either always had it, or I've just been a FUCK my whole life.

Ohyah, and of course I play video games too. It's the only thing I do besides read books n NOT do anything.

I am a waste of life.

I don't deserve this body. I'm just letting it age and rot and I do nothing with it.

I'm an atheist but if God exists, I am so sorry I let this gift go to waste. You do not know the remorse I feel.

Here is a list of ALL my accomplishments, since I was born:

  • graduated elementary school
  • was part of the popular crowd in elementary school (the fact this is on this list says a lot).
  • wrote a fanfiction that got over 500 reviews. 
  • got a boyfriend.
  • lost weight / random guys began hitting on me. (Wow such accomplishment -_-; )
  • Got a couple job interviews (never got a job).
  • Travelled to Cuba (boyfriend's dad paid for it).
  • Got my Driver's License.


  1. bigstupidpooper bigstupidpooper said: an excuse to not get out and do WHATEVER it is you think you should be doing, e.g. get a job. Guess what, once you have a job that problem pretty much disappears.
  2. bigstupidpooper bigstupidpooper said: Kinda sounds like you like being a loser. If you wanted to stop being a loser, I'll suggest these first steps: kick all smoking bye-bye. You're using it as a crutch. Even though you're anxious and depressed, you're really quick to use anxiety/depression..
  3. bigstupidpooper bigstupidpooper thinks you're a loser

August 1, 2014

"Joseph! Joseph!," said the middle aged lady behind me. Then she grabbed my shoulder. "Excuse me!," she said. "I mistook you for my grandson." That wouldn't be so funny had I actually been a guy. But instead I am a 28 year old woman. I went for a job interview recently but I had no time to prepare for it. I couldn't answer the interviewers questions properly, about why I didn't want to work the night shift and a fly buzzed around me during the interview, probably making me look smelly. I could tell that the man wasn't going to hire me by the frown on his face. I asked a guy I dated for a year over last night. He told his brother how hairy I was and how I looked like a man and he took pictures of me naked, of my snatch and sent them to his older brother. I don't want anyone's older brother looking at my snatch!

May 27, 2014

I realized I'm a loser when I had an anxiety and I started eating a lot. I turned fat, short, ugly girl and i'm totally invisible in this world.

Today I went to the theater to watch the new movie X-men: Days Of The Future Past. And I was standing in front of the cashier and waiting for him to finish the previous customer's order. Then I told him :" a mini combo please" but i think he didn't hear me. Two people next to me, first is a girl and he sold the popcorn combo the her first, I was in the middle, and an old guy who was shouting "GIVE ME A FAMILY COMBO AND TWO TEA BOTTLES". And then they left, I still there, he still didn't see me (maybe I was too short), then another girl walked in, next to me again, he ALMOST served her the popcorn until he looked at me and realized I was totally shocked and almost cried because I was there like almost 15 minutes. Oh so now he saw me, and sold me the popcorn combo. Thanks lord.

And I walked into the theather with my fellow classmates who always joking about my weight and my height, they took all the seat while I'm standing there and was very lost. They gave me the last seat in the line. And I was trying to get in my seat, I walked pass their seat and they were like "Oh my god you're so fat" and continued laughing. I stayed quiet for the rest of the movie. 

People always judge me, always hate me even when they first see me. Maybe because I'm not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not tall enough to get their respect. I feel like they always want to kick me out as soon as they can. They will and always see me as a loser in life, in school. In school, I'm a loser with no friends and surround by idiots and rude, mean people. In home, I love my family but my dad hates me and always swearing at me and insults me, when he drunk he will use an excuse to mock me and insult about my life.

Please, I want respect, even i'm not perfect, i'm not looking good. I just want people to respect me.

  1. sabotageous sabotageous said: So, you're fat: Have fun with it. Don't take it so seriously. Make jokes about it yourself. Don't be a sad sack. Why did you stand their 15 minutes? You've gotta shout at people and demand respect and attention.
  2. sabotageous sabotageous said: If you are fat and ugly, you should just try to own it. If people make fun of you because you are fat, it makes sense because you are fat. However, lots of fat and ugly people have friends, and some even become celebrities. Fix your attitude.

Loser of the Week
November 15, 2012

I'm a fat, black 19 year old undergraduate law student from Canada. I don't have friends, and usually leech onto my younger cousins, who are pretty popular for some company. I don't talk to anyone on the phone except my mother and father, who think I'm pitiful as well. I've never had a boyfriend, or have ever kissed a male before. Sometimes I question myself, whether I'm just that damn ugly, or possibly gay. (I'm just ugly, penis is too beautiful to give up.) As my username shows, I'm a pushover. People take advantage of my kindness-- it's like they know I'll do anything to get some attention from others. I've given out money, time, and effort to people, and have never recieved these things in return. I'm in University at the moment, earning mediocre marks. I skip classes every now and then, sometimes it's really hard for me to get out of bed and drag the day on. I'm also socially awkward, in person, and it seems now on the internet. The handful of friends I've made on the internet are starting to push away because of my awkwardness. Facebook statuses are never witty or worth the read, and because of my low self-esteem I never take pictures. I often deactivate it because my mind tells me that the people I know in life are probably laughing at me. I currently have a crush on a man several years my age, but I know for sure it could never work out because... above you...I'm a fucking loser.


This whole rant probably makes no sense. 
I'll go away now. 

  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: You shouldnt live, and yet you live. So it's not your fault, it's your parents' fault. Your dad fucked your mom and your mom gave birth to you. They want you to become a lawyer that is rich and successful. They suck, you suck, everybody sucks.
  2. Catlady2 Catlady2 said: You sound just like me. I am the same age as you... Same exact problems. My only friend is my brother. Never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Reading your post makes me feel better that I am not alone. Deep in my heart, I know life will get better.
  3. suicide_me suicide_me thinks you're a loser
  4. suicide_me suicide_me said: eventually, I'm 23 years old guy and never been kissed before and i dont think im ugly at all but i believe the time will come because our ages are the beginning My dear u choose not to be chosen, u r the goddess of ur self, It is u love ur self
  5. suicide_me suicide_me said: thirdly, u don't have friends, havent u ever noticed that it could be better million times than to have bad friends or idiots ? u said u r kind so this is so rare in this world so ur friends must to be like u kind ppl
  6. suicide_me suicide_me said: Secondly, Do u see 19 years old is the whole life ? what abt 29 ? what abt 39 ? what abt 69 and 80 ? u stillin the early early of ur life
  7. suicide_me suicide_me said: First of all, Do u see black skin is a problem ? u don't have a problems with ur skin but who sees it is a problem he has a problem inside him,

May 26, 2012

Hey kids - got you beat.

I'm a 28 yo old guy didn't lose his virginity until 26. I'm ugly, slightly overweight, and without even a single attractive feature to the opposite sex.

I'm unemployed due to a recent layoff, but can't find work. I'm such a loser I can't even bring myself to get up off my ass to find a new job since knowing I'm a loser, it's a fruitless and aggravating effort.I tried to even off myself, but couldn't even get that done right...such a loser. Now I live in my car eating stale bread and ramen noodles since my family hates me. To dull the pain of being a perma-loser, I drink myself stupid with my unemployment check hoping my liver might just give out one of these days to end this embarassment of a life. Apparently I'm such a loser, I can't even do that right either...

Well that was fun. Feel better about yourselves now, you cannot possibly be any bigger of a pathetic, sorry-ass loser as me.