I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week
December 9, 2013

My whole life has sucked, I'm 23. Never graduated from high school, parents seperated when I was 9. My dad was a drug addict & was never there. I was sexually abused by many men when I was a little girl. Got beaten by my step dad when I was a little girl. Never had friends.   I'm unhapilly married now to a man that does nothing but make me feel more like a loser, he's the complete opposite of me. College graduare, many friends. I have a daughter which I shouldn't have had cause I'm a loser & very unfit to be a mother. I feel like I just brought her into this world to have a messed up life like I did. I can't do crap to my hair! I have suicidal thoughts, all I've ever been told is how much of a loser I am, I'm crying right now. I have no contact with any family cause I lost all contact with them. I live with my in laws who I don't like I have yellow gross teeth because I'm too lazy to ever brush them or care & my daughter is starting to have yellow teeth to, no job no nothing just a crappy life & that's it! Just a big loser

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  1. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: and find out some job if u can... i feel sad to hear about u ...
  2. onlyluserlonely onlyluserlonely said: @thebiggest1 ...try to give time to ur daughter...don't let her down and make her strong... don't let her be another "THEBIGGEST1" i just can say this...i think we all here r loosers.. just live for ur daughter and give her better life than u...
  3. LittleLoser LittleLoser said: You need to travel with your daughter
  4. Overit Overit said: I accidentally tapped those buttons. I didn't know what they did. I don't really think you're a loser. We all get stuck.
  5. Overit Overit thinks you're a loser