I'm a total loser because:

Loser of the Week

I'm a fat, black 19 year old undergraduate law student from Canada. I don't have friends, and usually leech onto my younger cousins, who are pretty popular for some company. I don't talk to anyone on the phone except my mother and father, who think I'm pitiful as well. I've never had a boyfriend, or have ever kissed a male before. Sometimes I question myself, whether I'm just that damn ugly, or possibly gay. (I'm just ugly, penis is too beautiful to give up.) As my username shows, I'm a pushover. People take advantage of my kindness-- it's like they know I'll do anything to get some attention from others. I've given out money, time, and effort to people, and have never recieved these things in return. I'm in University at the moment, earning mediocre marks. I skip classes every now and then, sometimes it's really hard for me to get out of bed and drag the day on. I'm also socially awkward, in person, and it seems now on the internet. The handful of friends I've made on the internet are starting to push away because of my awkwardness. Facebook statuses are never witty or worth the read, and because of my low self-esteem I never take pictures. I often deactivate it because my mind tells me that the people I know in life are probably laughing at me. I currently have a crush on a man several years my age, but I know for sure it could never work out because... well...read above you...I'm a fucking loser.


This whole rant probably makes no sense. 
I'll go away now. 

  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: You shouldnt live, and yet you live. So it's not your fault, it's your parents' fault. Your dad fucked your mom and your mom gave birth to you. They want you to become a lawyer that is rich and successful. They suck, you suck, everybody sucks.
  2. Catlady2 Catlady2 said: You sound just like me. I am the same age as you... Same exact problems. My only friend is my brother. Never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Reading your post makes me feel better that I am not alone. Deep in my heart, I know life will get better.
  3. suicide_me suicide_me thinks you're a loser
  4. suicide_me suicide_me said: eventually, I'm 23 years old guy and never been kissed before and i dont think im ugly at all but i believe the time will come because our ages are the beginning My dear u choose not to be chosen, u r the goddess of ur self, It is u love ur self
  5. suicide_me suicide_me said: thirdly, u don't have friends, havent u ever noticed that it could be better million times than to have bad friends or idiots ? u said u r kind so this is so rare in this world so ur friends must to be like u kind ppl
  6. suicide_me suicide_me said: Secondly, Do u see 19 years old is the whole life ? what abt 29 ? what abt 39 ? what abt 69 and 80 ? u stillin the early early of ur life
  7. suicide_me suicide_me said: First of all, Do u see black skin is a problem ? u don't have a problems with ur skin but who sees it is a problem he has a problem inside him,