May 14, 2015

Wow can't believe I have found this site, so let's stew in misery together until our merciful demise 


Growing up in a broken household in one of the poorest areas of a third world country,  I have become a complete and utter waste of breath. My complaints though are rather different to the usual here. Most people here hate the way they're treated, but I hate the way I treat everyone else. I am cruel and violent I have managed to destroy every relationship,  friendship and  job i have ever had. I'm an alcoholic,  I've been to jail several times for assault, I have almost no formal education, in my country we basically go to school to hang out with friend's. I After the 8th grade I spent the rest of high-school without teachers or textbooks,  what I know,  I learnt from the net And even then I was 19 when I first gained access to the Internet. I am a loser because I have failed at everything in life, I can't even see my way to being friendly to a stranger. The world will honestly be a better place when I leave it. To the many people I have hurt, physically, mentally and emotionally I am truly sorry.

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