November 27, 2012

im a total loser because.. well there is many reasons. First, i live in a fucking shitty town that 11 year olds even get high. Second, i have barely any friends. Third, i am a tryhard at every little thing i do. Fourth, i almost got into a fight at mcdonalds. WHO GETS IN A FIGHT AT FUCKING MCDONALDS. Fifth, im a fucking crazy ass mother fucking W-E-I-R-D-O. Sixth, i sing when im on a toilet.


Right now, my life is a total mess and im only 13! Only reason why... because im a total loser

Loser of the Week
November 27, 2012

Why does life half to be so fucking hard sometimes?

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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: I dont like your name. Try harder next time.
  2. StupidLoser StupidLoser said: The life of a loser is filled with nothing be misery and disappointment
  3. nohope nohope thinks you're a loser