Loser of the Week
October 26, 2012




Whats up everyone! Feels good to be in company of fellow losers.  My story is very depressing and as I grow older every moment , I realize whatever I do will not change my situation so I have decided to end my life soon and start fresh. I tried everythin but fuckin life played unfair to me. I am 27 and ugly without a gf. Even my loser friends found someone but me? I always rejected by everyone..  So I need to die .Does anybody know some ways, like easy ways. Been thinking about posion but not sre where to get it from. How about sleeping pill overdose?  Tell painful ways!

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  1. aloaqp aloaqp said: Just give up bro. Give up whenever you like. Dont start. Dont have kids. Dont care. Hurt someone you dont know. The more you hurt, the better you will feel.
  2. Myrmidon Myrmidon said: guys guys stop dont everything can change dont give up dont never!
  3. Marian00 Marian00 said: I also want to kill myself for mostly the same reasons. I thought about cutting my carotid artery in my neck. But i found out it's behind some muscle and other tissue so i would have to cut in pretty deep before i sever it.
  4. Marian00 Marian00 thinks you're a loser
  5. suicide_me suicide_me said: plz tell us u r alive
  6. UseDiscardRepea UseDiscardRepea said: Astral projection is fun! Don't kill yourself dude, life is a state of mind, just live it. So shit doesn't go right, so what. You ever see a homeless person with a sign that says, "Will Kill Myself for food!"? No, b/c even though life has dealt them a shi
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  8. AliWay AliWay said: try Mediation and astral projection try to discover the other side of life .. the hidden side .. what you don't see with your normal eyes try to look with your inner eyed see the light in your heart , search for it